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My Bloody Valentine Special

Posted by Better Daze Monday, February 1, 2010

Woohoo it's February the month of hearts and February 14th is just around the corner usually celebrated with presents, flowers and candlelight dinners for our special someone.

What would be a great way to spend the day with your lover at your side? Should we follow the same old tradition? Maybe? A day at the beach watching sunsets? Too predictable.. Romantic Getaway? Could be, but what if you are on a tight budget? Why not throw tradition away and do something out of the ordinary and keep the fire burning at the same time. With that in mind, how about renting a scary flick right after a romantic dinner. This will surely let your valentine stay by your side through the whole night feeling protected by her almighty flame. If your lover gets qeusy of watching gore then you should buy some time to let the food pass through the system else it will get ugly. So here are my 5 scary valentines day movie list. What your's?

1. The Shining - a psychological horror film which tells of a story of Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson). Jack is a writer who got a job as a winter hotel caretaker, who became influenced by ghosts in the haunted hotel which drove him insane and tried to murder his wife and son.

2. The Exorcist - The 1973 film would be my favorite amongst the sequels. This movie tells about a young girl who is possessed by demons and her mother badly needed to win her daughter back through exorcism.

3. Ju-on - A Japanese horror film which tells about a man who brutally kills his wife and son out of jealousy. Whoever steps into their haunted house will share the same fate.

4. Night of the Living Dead - A George A. Romero horror movie about 7 people trying to survive the night surrounded by flesh eating zombies caused by some mysterious force.

5. Nightmare on Elm Street - What could be more scary than a ghost of a demented serial killer named Fred Krueger who has knives for a hand and terrorizes you in your nightmares.

2 Responses to My Bloody Valentine Special

  1. -mayang- Says:
  2. don't have any plans this coming valentines yet. but i would love to try your suggestion hehe... =)) how bout u?

  3. -mayang- Says:
  4. i wanna watch these movies with you one day... shuckz i miss you so damn much :(


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